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Payment Policy

China Ponno is a wholesale & retail marketplace where products are imported from China to Bangladesh, where merchandise from Chinese marketplaces can be purchased. From here, the consumer can buy any product of his/her choice from China. During this case, we tend to deliver the money paid by the client to the Chinese supplier/seller/manufacturer in the most secure manner possible.

We provide the opportunity to the customers for exchanging Bangladeshi monetary unit. By changing to Chinese Currency, we tend to complete the worldwide seller's payment at intervals of 20-30 operating days. In this method, our service is completed (as a marketplace or media).

Therefore, we tend to area those specific units utilized in the operation of our services in compliance with the rules arranged by the Bangladesh Bank. Therefore, the Ministry of Commerce is responsible for the acceptance of advance payments, and the complete delivery of products or services is executed by Digital Commerce.

Management pointers and client purchases products from international merchandisers are met according to their needs. This is done through air, and the other delivery means and will be shipped accordingly. However, for the convenience of the consumer, we tend to also have the ability to bring the merchandise through our international cargo service.

We receive the merchandise ordered from the provider in our Warehouse and convey them to the Asian nation through our international provision Service - Shipbuilder. During this case, we tend to pay the VAT tax and different charges of Asian Nation Customs. Meanwhile, we take a partial payment, the customer has the option to pay full after receiving his/her product.

Delivery Terms

We deliver some products in closed boxes and we tend to carefully check and ship each product before it is shipped. Thus, delivery men might not trial or open the box before the merchandise is completed. However, if a customer unexpectedly finds the incorrect product, the customer will be able to claim exchange.


Shipping charges might vary. In the case of international shipping (from China to Bangladesh). We stock the shipping charges as it is supported by the load & space of the merchandise and within the case of products which are higher than per order.

You'll be able to verify by a line of work when if the client supports you when you would like. Native delivery of product is freed from charge for orders higher than 5,000 BDT per order. The native delivery charge that includes free shipping isn’t applicable for merchandise deliberation if it is more than five metric weight units (e.g. machine, chair, etc.). In the case of heavy merchandise, the transportation charge is going to be calculated per load of the merchandise ordered.

Shipping Time

Shipping time is calculated on operating days. We deliver out of the scope of public holidays. If your product is lost from our warehouse because of unforeseen reasons, we become unavailable for delivering the products within the desired date. Meanwhile, we are going to take several days to search for the lost merchandise and then deliver it to you when it will be found. However, if your product isn't found, we'll refund your money within 35-40 days from the order date.

Terms of Use Your Account

To use a number of the services on our website, you may open an account or complete the account with a number of your data. We tend to reserve the authority to cancel your additional username or countersign at any time if required without providing any notice previously. We are not to blame for any damages or loss that you'll suffer as a result of this cancellation of your account. It is solely your responsibility to shield the privacy of your data, account information, passwords, etc.

If for any reason you think that somebody is aware of your countersign or somebody desires to use your countersign account deceitfully, inform us so that we can recognize it quickly. Solely you or your friend to whom you offer login data has to be responsible while accessing your data. Kindly ensure that all information you offer is right. You'll have to be compelled to offer all the data in your account. If you wish to edit any data in your account, you cannot do this from your account. If you wish to edit anything, you may vary it by contacting our client service center. We tend to reserve the right to revoke your access to our website, revoke your account, modify, or alter any subject while not providing any previous notice. You'll often find modifications and suggestions of the password to shield your account. Therefore, utilize that to shield your account privacy or you’ll have to take full responsibility for any breach your data.


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